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According to legend, Duncannon dates back to the time of Fionn Mac Cool and the Fianna in the 3rd century. Duncannon was of strategic importance on the vital sea penetration of Waterford Harbour.

It was greatly involved in wars and sieges for almost 17 centuries. Leaders and kings have landed on and fled its portals, armies have struggled, and Napoleon sought and got intelligence from its strength and weakness. James II, and later his son in law William of Orange, marched on its cobblestones. It is still used as a modest Irish army post, mainly for summer training. It has a sandy beach with fishing and pleasing amenities, which makes it a very popular resort.

Things To Do in Duncannon

Duncannon is one of the villages in South West Wexford, featured on the clearly signposted and very scenic circuit (Ring of Hook Drive) which visits Fethard-on-Sea, Slade and Hook Head.

This popular fishing village boasts a star shaped fortress, Duncannon Fort, which was built in 1588. The Fort which incorporates cockleshells arts centre, café and craft shop is open to visitors from June to September daily.

Duncannon Beach is where the International Sand Sculpting Festival takes place every year.

Cinema Buffs might be interested to know that Duncannon Village and Fort was the location for the epic remake of the ‘Count of Monte Cristo’.

Duncannon Fort
Duncannon Beach Crispin Purdye [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


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